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Tel: + 44 (0) 1692 406384
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Housewise Lettings offers an approachable and friendly service to Tenants at a reasonable cost.

Available properties
We list the properties we have available to rent on the Housewise Lettings website here and more fully on Zoopla with additional photos, floor plans (where available) and EPC documentation.

We also operate a tenant pre-registration Service where you tell us what type of property you are looking for and we contact you when a suitable property becomes available.  You can register for this here or by telephoning us on 01692 406384. Or you can link to our site using Facebook to receive updates on new properties as they are listed on-line.

All tenants renting through Housewise Lettings will be required to provide acceptable references and identification documentation to satisfy the Government right to rent legislation requirements.

In addition to the monthly rental price advertised - which is payable in advance, tenants will also need to make advance payments for:

  1. The agency administration fees that apply to your household
  2. The damages deposit shown for the property

Administration charges are payable at the time of application.  We do not charge tenants for additional fees for inventory preparation, checking-in, checking-out or standard tenancy renewals. If your initial application is not accepted (prior to any reference checks being started) then all fees paid will be returned in full.  Please see the full Tenant Fees & Charges document for costs that may be incurred if you either fail to pass the referencing process, or change your mind in the course of your application being processed.

If you are unable to evidence sufficient income to meet our requirements for renting a property you may still be able to proceed if you have a suitable Guarantor.  A Guarantor is normally required to be a family member.  Please ask for additional information if required.

Let Subject to Contract:
Once the Landlord has agreed in principle to your application (subject to satisfactory completion of all reference checks) and you have paid your application charges, then the property will be considered to be yours subject to contract and no further applications will be considered.

Before moving in:
For the avoidance of doubt, no letting contract or agreement shall be formed until ALL of these conditions have been met.

  1. Acceptable references must have been received for all tenants, occupiers & guarantors and the tenants must have been formally advised as such by Housewise Lettings Ltd;
  2. All tenants, occupiers & guarantors must have signed the Tenancy Agreement and Deed of Guarantee if applicable;
  3. The required deposit must have been received in full and the funds cleared;
  4. The rental payment for at least the first month must have been received and the funds cleared;