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Housewise Lettings was set up by Susan Osborne to provide a personal and professional service to both landlords and tenants. The business looks to work with long-term individual or investment landlords, to help them to prepare or purchase a property for rent, and then to match them with reliable tenants who are well informed regarding the terms of their tenancy. A one-to-one relationship with landlords, together with a detailed knowledge of the local lettings market in which the business operates, allows Housewise to guide and advise landlords in how to get the most out of their rental property.

Housewise tries to work flexibly to meet the requirements of both landlords and tenants. Inevitably tenants need to see properties after they finish work, so hours of work are not fixed allowing viewings to be held in the early evenings or weekends. Meetings with landlords and tenant are by appointment and are normally held at the property to be rented.

Working as the Agent for a landlord, it is vital to ensure that the expectations of all parties are agreed in advance and documented accordingly. To that end, all the information contained in this document is of importance in understanding your obligations as a landlord when offering your property for rent with Housewise Lettings Ltd and forms part of our Terms of Business.

Whilst the landlord is the Housewise client, the relationship we have with the tenant is also vitally important as a successful, sustainable lettings business requires not only a house to rent but someone suitable to rent it. Housewise therefore works hard to establish and maintain good relationships with tenants and respond quickly to both repair issues and any requests.

With the aim being to offer a personal service and to ensure that all clients get the service and proper attention they deserve, the area in which Housewise operates is limited to a 10 mile radius of North Walsham so we can physically get to all properties quickly if necessary.

Regular training courses, together with subscriptions to relevant industry journals ensure that Housewise can provide you with up-to-date professional advice in line with the current legislation.

Housewise has in place management procedures, audit and client accounting standards which comply with, or exceed, national guidelines for lettings agencies, and the Company carries full Professional Indemnity Insurance, including Directors fidelity insurance cover underwritten by Hiscox

Looking through different agent’s literature it may seem that all agencies offer a very similar service; but is there a difference in reality? The landlords and tenants who have kindly contributed their comments on Housewise services think so, and I welcome the opportunity to demonstrate this to you in person.
There are three fully-managed services that require absolutely no involvement by the landlord, but can be flexible to allow locally based landlords to undertake their own non-essential maintenance and repairs if they wish and one let-only service where we establish the tenancy for you and then leave you to take full responsibility for the tenancy and the property from there.